Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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Do I need any pre–requisites to be eligible to apply for the Professional Barista Course?

Absolutely not! All our courses are designed to teach you skills from an absolute beginner level, and do not require any previous experience.

Do you help students find jobs after the course?

We get approached by cafe owners looking for staff, on a regular basis.
If you stand out in a class we definitely recommend you to potential employers.

Why do you offer free unlimited practice sessions?

Over the past 12 years, we have only offered students 3 practice sessions after courses. With our new offer of unlimited sessions, we believe students will be able to benefit from having a place to come back and practice when they need to (e.g. after finding a job, returning from travels or to brush up on a skill).

We take pride in what we do and our reputation, so we want every single student to leave us confident and well prepared to enter the coffee industry.

How many practice sessions do I need to feel confident in my skills?

In our experience, amost students start to feel comfortable and confident after an average of 3 practice sessions in the cafe.

I have a home machine that I’d like to learn how to use, do you offer any courses to support this?

We sure do. Our short courses are designed for home enthusiasts and are designed to give you the adequate skills to master a domestic coffee set up. You are also welcome to bring along your machine to this class and we would be happy to train you on your own machine.

What qualifications will I get from the courses you offer?

On completion of the 2-Day Professional Barista Course you will gain a certificate in:
NZ ECS Professional Barista Skills.

On completion of the 3-Hour Short Barista Course you will gain a certificate in:
NZ ECS Espresso Skills.