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No experience necessary! Step-by-step guide to starting your own coffee business.

Take our comprehensive 3-Day Coffee Business Course and leave feeling confident about stepping into your own café business dream.

Over the three-day period, you will gain hands-on experience to make a perfect cup of coffee. Also, some of the psychological elements associated with running a business. Our course is designed to teach you the vital skills required as a business owner and you will walk away with resources that save you hours of research.

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3–Day Coffee Business Course

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Making coffee is a simple skill to learn. It doesn’t require weeks of intensive training. However, to be able to achieve the consistency that café owners are looking for – all you need is a little practice.

The Espresso Coffee School offers a free lifetime membership for students to come back and practice their skills in a real café environment. All practice sessions are supervised by our expert tutors who will make sure that you are industry ready!

We understand not everyone learns in the same way, so we cater to your individual
learning style by having a maximum of 5 students per class.

Total price – $945 per person (Lunches provided)
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Day 1 Course Details

Coffee Business Topics

  • Creating a business plan – 6 key elements.
  • Determining your postion in the market.
  • Store layout, ambience and feeling.
  • Designing an efficient barista station.
  • Introduction to espresso making equipments.
  • Selecting the right coffee roasting company for you.
  • Developing espresso tasting palate.

Barista Training Topics

  • The history and science of espresso coffee.
  • Judging the quality of a good extraction.
  • 4 essential elements to create consistently excellent espresso.
  • Black coffee recipes and best practice.
Day 2 Course Details

Coffee Business Topics

  • 6 human needs you need to recognise as a business owner.
  • Creating a positive work culture with your employees.
  • Traditional customer service vs level 3 customer service.

Barista Training Topics

  • 4 steps to achieve consistently smooth and silky milk.
  • Getting familiar with the different types of milk (full, trim, soy, almond, oat).
  • Milk based coffee – best practice and presentation (flat whites, cappuccinnos, lattes, mochacchinos, hot chocolates and chai lattes).
  • Equipment cleaning, care and maintanance.
Day 3 Course Details

Coffee Business Topics

  • Food pricing and placement.
  • Recipe books.
  • Vendor and supplier list.
  • Retail sales and increasing profitability.
  • Effective time management and the difference between working IN the business and ON the business.
  • Market analysis – Define your target market.
  • Strategic marketing checklist.
  • Conclusion.

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