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Coffee Tips

A brief history of coffee

Most of us kiwis enjoy a good cup of coffee on a daily basis. We’re pretty proud of our high standards in coffee. Whether it’s from your local barista or home brewed, coffee has been and will always be an essential element of Kiwi social culture. Coffee has been...

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Five tips for the perfect home espresso machine setup

So you're ready to buy an espresso machine that makes coffee as good as the professionals? Hooray! But the problem many people face is: "Where do I start?" With so many machines on the market and all those accessories to get your head around, we don't blame you for...

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5 Reasons To Leave Your Machine On At Night

One of the most common questions we get from students of the Professional Barista Course is 'should I leave the coffee machine on or off at night'? A valid question considering how tight things are economically for a lot of cafes, this list will help to show the...

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Do NOT adjust the grind… But here is how to

One of the first things people realise when learning to make coffee is the number of variables which affect the coffee quality. This post will explain what, for many people is the most important variable, master this and you will be creating better coffee than most...

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The Espresso Coffee School ‘how-to’ guide: Hario V60

'Hario' is a Japanese glassware company that designed the V60 filter. The Hario V60 is one of the most popular manual coffee brewing methods in the market. Despite it's technical ab–workout machine sounding name, it has come to be extremely popular for it's...

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