The Mini Mazzer Grinder

A theme you will notice throughout Espresso Coffee School’s website is the importance of the grind.

A mazzer grinder is an investment, one that you will never regret making! It is the key to experiencing perfection on a daily basis.

Available in silver, black and currently white or maroon.
Standard RRP ($999 incl GST) – Check out our special online price below.
*South Island delivery unavailable at the moment*

Technical Information:

  • Recommended kilos per week: Up to 8 kg/week Recommended blade change: every 300 kg Grams of coffee per minute 80 g/min Repetitions per minute 1400 rpm
  • Power (Watts)250 W
  • Hopper capacity 0.6 or 0.32 kg
  • Burr size (Flat)58 mm

Having a Mini Mazzer in your home or office/work setup is so important for achieving consistently good coffee:

Grind freshness
Once coffee is ground, no matter how well it is packaged and stored it will go stale within 5 – 10 minutes, if that! Coffee must be ground fresh, just before you are to use it. But, the fresh quality beans can’t be put through any old grinder as they must be ground to…

Perfectly even particles
Your coffee machine forces high pressured, hot water through the ground coffee. If the ground coffee particles are uneven, the water will gain little flavour from the larger particles, and it will extract bitter flavours from the smaller particles. The majority of home grinders can not grind the beans to even sized particles.

Maximised flavours
A common sound of home grinders is a high pitched irritating noise, this sound comes from the motor inside working so hard to grind the coffee that it creates this irritating sound. If the sound was the only issue, I’m sure we could handle this annoyance. Unfortunately, when the motor has to work as hard as it does in these machines, it causes it to overheat very quickly! This means 2 things:
1) It burns the coffee grinds, due to the hot blades cooking the beans.
2) With the motor being put under such stress every time it’s used, it won’t last more than a couple of years before failing.
The only sound you hear when the Mini Mazzer is operating is the sound of the beans themselves being ground, the motor just purrs away underneath. It grinds the coffee effortlessly and is rated for use up to 450 coffees per week!

You will achieve far better coffee with a $1000 grinder and a $200 coffee machine, than with a $1000 coffee machine and a $200 grinder!

A theme you will notice throughout Espresso Coffee School’s website is the importance of the grind.

It really can not be stressed enough how important getting this one variable correct is so vital to achieving the quality of coffee you should expect and demand every single time.

The Mini Mazzer Grinder comes with a 25 year warranty when used for domestic use, 25 years! How many products with high powered moving components would come with a 25 year warranty now days?

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