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Since the birth of the Espresso Coffee School 12 years ago, we’ve been extremely fortunate to be recognised as one of the most comprehensive, up-to-date & hands-on barista training facilities in New Zealand.

We cater to everyone wanting to step foot into the coffee industry, from beginners looking to learn a new skill, right up to café business owners and staff training sessions.

Our training facilities are designed within a real café environment with state-of-the-art espresso machines and brewing equipment – making sure our students feel comfortable and confident to enter the industry feeling work–ready.


It’s easy to learn how to make average espresso coffee in a couple of hours. At Espresso Coffee School we set very high standards which we help our students to achieve over two days of coffee training, so that you can nurture your passion for excellent coffee and become a true barista.

Our small class sizes ensure each student is given the individual attention and practice that you will need, in order for you to succeed.

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